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For our 10th anniversary of singing and performing together we had lots of ideas to make it a special year.

Anne Mizen Baker. director of the Monday Morning Singers (right), and Jane Buckles hang a poster at Frankie’s Ristorante in preparation for the 10th anniversary celebration of the choir. An exhibit of the whimsical posters created by Jane over the years will be at Frankie’s until April.  The public is invited to drop in to the anniversary event (with refreshments and jazz trio) on February 29, 6.30 - 9 p.m.


Community Christmas Concert in 2007

Group 'a-choirs' experience overseas

Nov 22, 2005
By Jeff HaywardStaff Writer
reprinted with permission - Uxbridge Times Journal
UXBRIDGE - Instead of inviting an overseas singing group to perform in Uxbridge as it did last year, a local choir decided to go overseas to see them again.
The Monday Morning Singers of Goodwood recently returned from a trip to Pau, in southwest France, to perform and meet up with the Rozsam choir. Lynda Baird, who sings soprano with the Goodwood group, said about 19 Monday Morning choir members and 39 people altogether embarked on the journey, which took the choir to some historic cathedrals in Pau.

"We spent five days (with the French choir) and performed four concerts," explained Ms. Baird, who is also an artist. "We were in a 16th-century cathedral (for some)."

She said her singing group, which is made up entirely of women ranging in age from "early 40s to mid 80s", performed on their own and with the French choir, also putting on a show for the mayor of Pau.

"We chose a repertoire of French-Canadian songs," she explained. "We also had some original songs."

She noted that the Goodwood choir director, Anne Mizen Baker, is also a composer, and the group unveiled some new work while overseas.

Ms. Baird explained that the group, which has been together for six years, is looking to visit other international spots in the future at which to perform, and has its eyes on Wales for its next destination. She also noted the group funded the France trip from its own pockets.

As for a CD featuring the recent performance being produced, Ms. Baird joked, "I don't know how well they (performances) were recorded."


Quelles Couleurs

French choir Rozsam joins Uxbridge's Monday Morning Singers
Article reproduced here with permission - Uxbridge Times Journal - October 7, 2004 -By Crystal Crimi Staff Writer

UXBRIDGE - Arlette Courteille enjoys Canadian music so much, she and her choir 'Rozsam' have flown from France to perform with Uxbridge's 'Monday Morning Singers'.
On Saturday, Oct. 9, the two women's choirs are teaming up for a bilingual concert titled 'Quelle Couleurs'. The show starts at 3 p.m. in St. Paul's Anglican Church in Uxbridge and is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and students.
"I think in Canada there is a tradition of church singing that's missing in France," said Ms. Courteille while taking a break from song rehearsal Wednesday.
"I like very much Canadian," she continued. "In this country you have something, lively music. In France, good music in conservatory, but it seems to be good music is also in little villages like Uxbridge."
Since Rozsam arrived Tuesday evening, the two groups have been busy practising the English and French songs they'll sing together and separately for the concert.
To help the women warm up their voices, Ms. Courteille sang short French words for both choirs to repeat.
"Bravo," she said after several stop-and-go sessions of a song with French lyrics. Then she gave the large group direction for the next piece in French mixed with English words.
Anne Mizen, director of the 'Monday Morning Singers', said the groups manage to communicate with each other.
"Some people have a little bit of French," said Ms. Mizen. "A lot of hand gestures... and of course, music is a universal language."
Ms. Mizen and Ms. Courteille met seven years ago through Canadian composer R. Murray Schaffer. Ms. Courteille, who was the director of a mixed men and women's choir in France, was looking for a Canadian choir to team up with for a concert. She was introduced to the Uxbridge Chamber Choir, created by Ms. Mizen and her husband Thomas Baker, who still directs the group.
The couple hosted Ms. Courteille during their stay here and the three have kept in contact since.
"In that time Arlette and I have visited each other... we've become friends and we e-mail each other all the time," said Ms. Mizen.
Through their music sharing, came the realization they both had women's choirs and they decided to pair up for 'Quelle Couleurs'.
Ms. Courteille is hopeful the 'Monday Morning Singers' will soon be able to join 'Rozsam' in France.

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